Loyalty card to help you stay healthy and beautiful

May 19, 2017 - Manila Standard

Businesses may spend millions trying to lure in new customers, but any expert will tell you that the key to any successful enterprise depends on having a strong and loyal customer base. 

Tracing its origins to over a hundred years, loyalty programs have changed the way consumers interact with the companies from which they purchase products or services.

One of the earliest loyalty programs that won the hearts, minds and wallets of customers was the S&H Green Stamp program issued by Sperry & Hutchinson in 1896. To encourage loyalty, costumers were given tiny stamps whenever they purchased something from participating merchants. They glued them onto pages of booklets and when they collected enough stamps they could exchange it to various products of corresponding value. 

Since its launch in 2002, SM Advantage Card has rewarded more than 9 million members with redeemable points and exclusive perks and discounts 

The loyalty program was such a success, S&H Green Stamps once issued three times as many stamps as the US Post Office, and by the 1960’s, S&H was the largest purchaser of consumer products in the world.

From stamps, loyalty programs have evolved from discount coupons and stickers to miles and the current point systems where you could use your accumulated points just like cash to purchase various items. And for the smart shopper, these programs can make their shopping even more rewarding.

One of the first and most successful modern loyalty programs in the country is the SM Advantage Card. Since its launch in 2002, it has become a permanent resident in our wallets in our purses along with our important IDs and cards. SMAC redefined the meaning of shopping by rewarding more than 9 million of our members not just with points they can earn and redeem but also exclusive perks and discounts they can enjoy. 

SM Advantage Card members can enjoy rewards and exclusive privileges from Watsons through the 'Members Get More' program 

Going beyond the mall experience, SM Advantage has become part of its members’ daily lives. From simply paying their phone bills, to gassing up their cars, to booking their accommodations on their next travel destinations and just recently, through pawning, and money transfers- giving our members more reasons to be rewarded.

Now, SMAC holders will feel even more beautiful and healthier as Watsons launches the “Members Get More” program.

Held at the new Watsons store at the UPTOWN Mall in Taguig, Members Get More aims to reacquaint shoppers with all the advantages of owning (and renewing) your SMAC membership.

Host and blogger Valerie Tan with Watsons Team Lance German (Marketing Officer), Loi Sanchez (Senior Marketing Manager) and Viki Encarnacion (Marketing Director)

“At Watsons, we want to make our shoppers special. So we make sure they enjoy perks of being a loyal customer every time they visit our stores. With the Members Get More program, they can get more savings, more points and even get exclusive prices simply by using their SM Advantage Card (SMAC),” says Watsons Marketing Director Viki Encarnacion.

Members Get More gives shoppers more reasons to come back to Watsons by giving more rewards and exclusive privileges to card-bearing customers.

Also included in the Watsons loyalty program are SM Prestige and BDO Rewards card.